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Visa Policy to INDONESIA

Tourist visas are only intended for tourists who are visiting Indonesia, not for expatriates intending to work and live for an extended period of time. Tourist visas will be needed by friends or family coming to visit you during your stay in Indonesia. There are 3 categories of tourist visa system.

Pay-for-visa-on-arrival (VOA) system for citizens of 52 nations

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Laos, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, People's Republic of China, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Suriname, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The cost of the 30-day (only) tourist visa is US$25/person for a 30-day visa and US$10/person for a 3-day visa.

Visitors from countries with visa-on-arrival facility will have to go to a special counter to have their passports stamped with the on-arrival visa before going to the immigration clearance desk. The VOA visa is NOT EXTENDABLE OR RENEWABLE. A visa issued on arrival can be extended only in extraordinary circumstances such as natural disasters, accident, or illness. If you want to stay in Indonesia longer than the 30 days you must exit and re-enter the country on a new tourist visa.

Visa purchasing takes 15-30 minutes per applicant, depending on the number of persons applying. Payment counters, a bank counter, and a money changer have been set up to process payments. Passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival. Payment must be made on arrival. An onward or return trip ticket must be shown on arrival.

The visa on arrival facility is only available at the following international gateways:

Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Manado, Halim Perdana Kusuma in Jakarta, Adisucipto in Yogyakarta, Adisumarmo in Solo, Selaparang in Mataram, Lombok, Sepinggan in Balikpapan, Kalimantan, Hasanudddin in Makasar, Sulawesi, and Eltari in Kupang, Timor.

Batam, Tanjung Uban (Bintan), Belawan (Medan), Sibolga (Sumatra), Dumai, Teluk Bayar (Padang, Sumatra), Padang Bai (Bali), and Jayapura (Papua), Teluk Bayar in (Padang, Sumatra), Bitung, Tanjung Balaikarimun, Tanjung Mas (Semarang),Tenau (Kupang), Pare Pare (Sulawesi), Bintang Pura (Tanjung Pinang), and Soekarno-Hatta (Makassar, Sualwesi)

Visa-free facility is granted to the citizens of 11 countries whose governments extend visa free facility to Indonesian nationals would continue to enjoy short visa-free stays.

Included in the 11 countries and administrative districts that are granted the 30-day visa-free facility are:

Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Hongkong Special Administrative Region, Macau Special Administrative Region, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Visitors with the visa-free facility will be able to proceed directly to the immigration clearance counter after deplaning. Passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of arrival. Onward or return tickets must be shown on arrival.

Citizens of other countries not on the visa on arrival or visa free lists will be required to apply for a visa overseas (in their home country) before entering Indonesia.

Citizens of any country wishing to stay more than 30 days must also apply for an appropriate visa (cultural visit or business) at their nearest Indonesian Embassy or Consulate before traveling to Indonesia.

Tour Agents are able to arrange express handling for groups at no additional charge by presenting the completed immigration cards, passports and applicable visa fee. Passengers who overstay their visa period for a short period of time can be processed immediately at the airport by paying US$ 20 for every day they overstayed their 30-day visa. Airlines that experience technical difficulties or delayed flights can apply for their passengers to be exempted from paying any overstay penalties.

The current tourist visa policy cuts the length of stay for tourist visas from the previous 60 days to 30 days. It is NO LONGER possible to stay in Indonesia more than 30 days on a tourist visa.

Caution (30-day counting)
The way they immigration officials count the 30-day period is: you arrive on the 1st day with, for instance, a 30-day visa, and you must leave on the 30th day (not the 31st or the first of the next month, as you might think). This is actually their policy for how to count the days. and, after getting burned once and learning my lesson, I see their point and follow their definition of 30 days.

If you want to stay in Indonesia LONGER than 30 days, you must leave the country and re-enter on a new tourist visa. People commonly fly to Singapore or Timor for this. There is no stipulation on the time you must stay outside Indonesia, in fact, you can return the same day if you want and be issued a new visa upon your arrival in Indonesia.

Overstaying your Visa

Overstaying a tourist visa (or any visa) is a serious offense in Indonesia. You will be blacklisted (can not enter Indonesia again for a year or more) and fined $20-30/day for every day you overstayed your visa and then deported once you have paid the fine. The maximum fine for overstaying a visa (more than 60 days) is Rp 25 million and 5 years in jail. You will be kept at the immigration quarantine until you have paid the fee and/or the decision has been made to deport you. Please take this seriously as this is not one of those problems that you can easily bribe your way out of.

from :

Museum Pos Indonesia , Museum And Education

Museum Pos Indonesia , Museum & Education

Jl. Cilaki No. 73
Bandung - 40115
West Java, Indonesia

: +62 22 42061

GPS Coordinate :
6o 54’07.44” S 107o 37’10.82” E

Description :

The existence of museum Pos Indonesia, which located not far from Gedung Sate, not loses from the journey of histories Pos Indonesia enterprise. Present since the east, exact on 1933 namely Museum PTT (pos telegraph and telephone) placed right wings under PTT office. This building established on July 27 1920 with wide of the building 706 meters, designed by Architect Ir. J. Berger and Leutdsgebouwdienst with Italian architecture from renaissance and colleted of stamps from any country.

Because of break out the World War II at final 1941, period of Japanese, and independent revolution, cause Museum PTT not be interest, although the existence nearly forgotten.

For doing their function as a museum, on 1980 management of Housing Post and Gyro formed a unit to rekindle again the existence of Museum PTT. Coincide of the birth day Postal to 38, on September 27, 1983 this museum opening by tourism and telecommunication ministry, Achmad Tahir and namely Museum Pos and Gyro.

As one of unit technique organizer of Housing Post and Gyro, museum Pos and Gyro collected some goods which has histories value in journey of Post Indonesia enterprise since the east, Japanese period, independent period, until now, form of picture, market, painting, catalog, also other post tools.

According with the journey and development of post enterprise, since June 20, 1995 name and status of the enterprise exchange from public enterprise Pos and Gyro exchange became PT. Pos Indonesia (Co-partnership), so name of Museum Pos and Gyro change became Pos Indonesia. Character and their function doing by Museum Pos Indonesia continually, beside as place for collection, also included research facilities, education, documentation, information serve, and as special tourism object.

Museum Indonesia opens for public free every day on 09.00 – 16.00 WIB, except on vacation closed. Before enter the museum, available a sculpture has size a part of human body, which is sculpture of Mr. PTT.RI the late Mr. Soeharto which made on 1983 by famous artist AD.Pirous.

from :

Museum Negeri Sri Baduga , Museum And Education

Museum Negeri Sri Baduga , Museum & Education

Jl. BKR No. 185 Bandung
Bandung - 40243
West Java, Indonesia

: +62 22 52109

GPS Coordinate :
6o 56'15.59" S 107o 36'12.96" E

Description :

To which will pay a visit, Museum Sri Baduga opened on Monday - Friday at 08.00 - 15.00 WIB, Saturday - Sunday at 08.00 - 14.00 WIB, other national red letter day of cover.

Museum Country "Sri Baduga" which located in joint streets of B.K.R. 185 Tegallega and deal with Monument of Bandung Ocean Fire blazed the way by since year 1974 by exploiting building and farm is ex- office of Wadana Tegallega. Building of Museum in form of long roof building and typical podium house of allied West Java with modern architecture style; as for its] original building remain to be defended and functioned as white collars room. This Museum have very collection wide of hitting artistic goods of West Java forceps culture relate to biology, ethnography, archaeology, numismatic, philology, dermatology, artistic of technology and purification.

In a flash about Museum Sri Baduga
First phase of development finished in the year 1980, opened on 5 June by Minister of Education and Culture, Dr. David Yusuf and called by Museum Country Province West Java.

Museum Area which is tired broadness 8.415,5 m2 divided to become two shares; regional of public (area public), including exhibition building and auditorium and region open public (non area public), including white collars room Head of Museum, Sub Units Arrange Effort, Working Team Tuition and of Education, Working Team Conservation and of Preparation and also Working Team Collection (including in it Depository Building of Collection).

Ten years later, name of museum provided with name "Sri Baduga" taken away from by the name of Sudanese king which is have throne to in Pakwan Pajajaran about century of 16th Masehi. This Name is] decanted in Slate inscription (Bogor) completely written by SRI BADUGA EMPEROR QUEEN of HAJI I PAKWAN PAJAJARAN SRI QUEEN DEITY.

As public Museum which have collection of type collect Geologic, Biologic, Ethnographic, Archeological, Historic, Numismatic / heraldic, Illogic, Ceramic, Fine Arts and this Technology, is noted not less counted 5.367 collection; many is clump collection of Ethnographic related to cultural objects of area. Amount of the collection do not limited to form of realty (original) is but provided with replica collection, miniature, photo, and maket. The Collection objects besides displayed in exhibition remain to, is also documented with system computerize and kept depository in bond collection.

To be more improve energy of appreciation society to museum, various activity have been run, both for having the character of self-supporting activity and or activity cooperation having the character of to pass by quickly sector with various governmental institution, private sector, and also foreign institute; among others in the form of management of transient exhibition, exhibition circle, exhibition along with museum from various province, assorted of race for the level of student, discourse, seminar, workshop, etcetera.

Because growth of role and its function as means or place in supporting education, adding knowledge, and recreation; Museum Country Province "Sri Baduga" West Java execute to renovate to arranging permanence exhibition step by step start year 1989 up to year 1992, following extension of new showroom in floor three.

Hereinafter presentation of collection arranged in such a manner and strive visitor to can obtain picture about journey of cultural and natural history of West Java, pattern and its manner, and also growth phases and also its change.

Subdividing divided to become; floor one representing growth appearance early from cultural and natural history of West Java. In arranging this exhibition is depicted by natural history which is West Java history background, for example by presenting objects omission of handmade from a period to Prehistory till era Hindu - Buddha.

Hereinafter in both floor covering traditional cultural exhibition items in the form of pattern life of society, life living, commerce, and transportation; cultural influence of Islam and Europe, history struggle of nation, and sub-province area devices and town of West Java. As for floor three, demonstrate ethnography collection in the form of manner form and function is place of, artistry, and foreign ceramic.

Museum Sri Baduga
Ten rust colored palm leaf network sheets is cacao flung out vertical and glued to wood wall behind a fairish glass cupboard around 1x1, 5 meter. In each leaf sheet which its age possible have hundreds of that year, lapped over is natty of letter bas-relief and Ancient Javanese. Below open sheet, seen copy heap of other palm leaf as thick as about 10 centimeter. A briefest boldness sound "History Prophet of Yusuf" attached by below overall of copy.

Copy of palm leaf, in cupboard there are two again codex. Color both have turned yellow is matt. Even some of among others eaten by moth so that leave perforated secondhand. One copy in made frontage of paper which is elementary materials of cortex of Saeh write down letter of cacarakan and have Javanese to and Ancient Sundanese. According to existing boldness, its contents are Chronicle of Pajajaran. Meanwhile, copy exist in made back of paper of Daluang have, letter, and Ancient Javanese. Existing a leaf of Boldness mention that copy of Sargah Seven.

That's three on file codex collection in Museum Country of Sri Baduga, Walker BKR Number 185, and Bandung. According to philologist (science about copy / article) local museum, Tien Wartini, 56 year, his side not yet translated third copy. Even so there is a little attached boldness in glass cupboard, for example History Prophet title of Yusuf, that of cause he have time to read part of early copy. But, yes, only limited to that. Its contents more complete, Tien not yet known. Meanwhile, Chronicle Pajajaran, according to its boldness, there are some line. Merely, that not a result of side activity of museum. "That boldness is we earn from one who render copy, namely Mr. Yosep Iskandar," he said, moment met by Tempo of News Room, Thursday (1 / 4).

Outside three that copy, there is still more than 100 other copy which is its same chance. Is altogether kept by in Museum Sri Baduga limited to becoming ancient monument, but not yet can be opened by sure content of him. According To Kusnadi Adiwidjaja, Sexy Head of Protection of Museum Sri Baduga, from totalizing 137 copies, his side it is true newly translate 15 just. In one year, mean translated by two copy.

Of course, that a sorrowful news for the man who wish to know cutoffs of history Upgrade Sunda and its surroundings. That thing is, for example, voiced by Nunun Nurhayati, staff on duty Culture and Tourism West Java. "I predict, its translation have to be quickened. Because, that copy becomes one of the sources of Sunda identity," she said.

Outside problem of fund, reason of telling about the duration translation process is the limited philology in Museum Sri Baduga. In this time, there merely there is two philology, namely Tien Wartini, and Sri Mulyati. Not to mention technical consideration of activity. "To translate, we must extra research and beware of. Enunciated, altogether old goods," say Tien, what one year again enter a period to pension.

As real as, side of museum non-neglecting to that translation process. Merely, its ability, is mentioned, one year most two just copy which translated. Anyway, compared to museum in other area, according to Jaenuddin, Head Hall Management of Museum Sri Baduga, its effort counted still nicely." Enunciated, altogether have to assort, energy goodness and also expense. Because, besides codex collection, we still have nine collection of non-copy which also has to manage," he said.

Seething with excitement, if Tien pension have to next year, available fair to middling philology past master in fact, for example from University of Padjadjaran. In this time even also some people from them have conducted grounding in Museum Sri Baduga. "I have spoken to lecturer counselor off student which is free worker, 'this of, there is field job.' Please be exploited," word of Jaenuddin.

From :

Museum Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi , Museum And Education

Museum Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi , Museum & Education

Jl. Lembong No. 38
Bandung - 40111
West Java, Indonesia

: +62 22 42033

GPS Coordinate :

Description :

Is history of museum struggle of Society West Java, especially National Military Indonesia Ground Forces Command Area Military of Siliwangi. In this on file museum various object which is used in struggle of past by young man of West Java opposing assorted of colonization form and other event in maintaining perfection of Republic Of Indonesia. Located in road of Lembang, deal with Hotel of Panghegar and keep handy Office Telephone with major’s city transport of Ledeng-Kebun Kalapa and of Dago-Kebun Kalapa.

Museum Mandala Wangsit of Siliwangi

Museum Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi is weapon museum residing in Bandung, West Java. Name of Siliwangi alone is a Monarchic founder of Pajajaran which its of unlimited him, it is said wise and wise king and also authority in running governance wheel, while meaning Mandala Wangsit is a place to put commendation, advice or message of combatant of past to last router generation of left objects it.

Name of Place Street of museum this, Jl. Lembong, taken away from by the name of Letkol Lembong, one of the soldiers of Siliwangi becoming victim in Event of Fair Coup D'etat Armed Forces Queen. Previously walker that is so called of Oude Hospitaalweg.

History of Museum
Building owning architecture style of late romanticism woke up by year 1910 - 1915 at a period to Dutch colonial as heroic residence of Dutch. After independence taken over by team of Siliwangi and used as by station of Diusisi Siliwangi (Militaries Academia Bandung) in the year 1949 - 1950. This building stand up above land of for the width of 4.176 m2 broadly building 1.674 m2.

On this 23 May 1966 building is opened as Museum Mandala Wangsit of Siliwangi by Commander Division of Siliwangi to 8 Colonel of Ibrahim Adjie.

In The Year 1979 woke up by new building of level 2 which is opened 10 November 1980 by Commander military area of Siliwangi to 15 Major-general Yoga Sugama and his Inscription in signing by President of RI Soeharto.

Museum Collection
Museum Collection is objects used by team Command Area Military of Siliwangi, of primitive weapon like lance, arrow, deer Keris, and bomb of Molotov, up to modern weapon like panther of reel (made in Indonesia), cannon, and vehicle of cuirass.

From :

Museum Konfrensi Asia Afrika , Museum And Education

Museum Konfrensi Asia Afrika , Museum & Education

Jl. Asia Afrika No. 65
Bandung - 40401
West Java, Indonesia
: +62 22 42380

GPS Coordinate :
6o 55’16.26” S 107o 36’33.68” E

Description :

Building which located in Asian street of This African is founded by a so called Dutch architect of Van Galen last and of C.O. Wolf Schoemaker. This Building become very famous since performing of Asian Conference of African Year 1955, later Have Conference Asian Student of African Year 1956 and Asian Conference Islam of African putting copy and omissions of famous Asia African. This building is opened generically every day work and keep handy by using major town bus of Cicaheum - Cibeureum, Museum presenting photos collection and goods three dimension related to Asian Conference of African 1955.

Architecture Building
This Building is designed by Van Gallen Last and of C.P. Wolff Schoemaker. Both is Professor at Technische Hogeschool (Technical College), that is ITB now, two famous Dutch architecture during the period, This building jell once with nuance of art this luxury building and deco seen from its made floor of marmer made in lustrous Italian, place rooms drink and relax is made from wood of cikenhout, while for its lighting is wearied by lamps deflect depended crystal to shimmer. This building occupies area for the width of 7.500 m2.

History Building
At that moment this so called building of SOCITEIT CONCORDIA utilized as recreation place by a group of Dutch society which living in town of Bandung and its surroundings. They are all officer of plantation, heroic, magnifier, entrepreneur, and rich other circle enough. On holiday, especially nighttime, this building is fulfilled by them to look on to show of artistry, dinner.

At a period to occupying of this Japan building is named by Dai Toa Kaman with its function as culture center.

At a period to proclamation independence of Republic Of Indonesia on 17 of August this 1945 building is used as by station young man of Indonesia utilize to face Japan army which is on at that time shy at to deliver its power to Indonesia.

After governance of Indonesia start to be formed (1946 - 1950) marked by existence of governance of Haminte Bandung, State of Pasundan, and Recomba West Java, Building of Concordia utilized again as public meeting house. Ordinary here carried out by show of artistry, party, restaurant, and meeting of other public.

With decision of republic government of Indonesia (1954) specifying Town of Bandung as place Have conference Asia African, hence Building of Concordia chosen as conference place. At that moment Building of Concordia is biggest meeting place building and most luxury in Town of Bandung. And location it’s even also very strategic in the centre of Town of Bandung and also and close to best hotel in this town, that is Hotel of Savoy Homann and Hotel Preanger.

And start early this 1955 Building year is restored and accommodated by its requirement as place have conference to have level of International, and its development is handled by Post Public Work Of Province West Java led by Ir. R. Srigati Santoso, and executor of its restoration is: 1) Bureau Chevalier, under head R. Machdar Prawiradilaga, 2) PT. Alico, under head of M.J. Ali, 3) PT. AIA, under head of R.M. Madyono.

After formed by Constituent Republic of Indonesia as result of general election of year 1955, Building Independence to be made as Building of Constituent. Because Constituent looked into to fail in to execute duty the core important, that is specifying state s philosophy and state constitution, hence that Constituent is disbanded by Presidential Decree is 5 July 1959. Hereinafter, Building Independence to be made by place activity of Body Designer of National and later become Building People Consultative Assembly Where as (formed by MPRS) is year 1960. Though Building function Independence to fluctuate from time to time in line with natural change in struggle maintain, arranging, and filling independence of Republic Of Indonesia , name of Building Independence stake remain to at façade.

In the year 1965 in Building Independence to be passed off by Asian Conference Islam of African. In the year 1971 activity of MPRS in Building Independence is entirely transferred to Jakarta. After erupting rebellion of G30S/ PKI, Building Independence to be mastered by military institution and some of the building made as political prisoner place of G30S/ PKI. In July 1966, conservancy of Building Independence to be delivered by central government to Local Government Mount I Province West Java, later on by Local Government Mount I Province West Java delivered again its execution to Local Government Mount II Municipality of Bandung. Three year later, 6 July 1968, head of MPRS in Jakarta alter decree concerning Building Independence (Building secondhand of MPRS) provided that the delivered is its mains building, while other buildings which located in Building backside Independence still become responsibility of MPRS.

At this March 1980 Building is again entrusted to become place commemoration of Asian Conference of African which is 25th and its Top commemoration is opened by Museum Have conference Asia African by Soeharto President Republic Of Indonesia 2nd.


Museum Have conference Asia African have showroom which remain to demonstrate a number of collection in the form of objects three photos and dimension of documenter event of Meeting Of Monument, Have Conference Colombo, Have conference Bogor, and Asian Conference of African Year 1955. Besides displayed also photos concerning:

  • Event which is background born him Have Conference Asia African;
  • Impact Have conference Asia African to international world;
  • Building Independence from time to time;
  • Nations participant profile Have conference Asia African contained in multimedia.

In order to greeting Delegation Summit Conference visit of X Movement of Non - block year 1992 where chosen Indonesia as the conference place and become Chief Movement of Non - block, made diorama depicting situation opening of Asian Conference of African Year 1955.

Settlement return Showroom Remain To "History Have conference Asia African 1955”
In Order To Asian Summit conference of African 2005 and Commemoration 50 Year Have conference Asia African 1955 at 22 - 24 April 2005, arranging exhibition of Museum Have conference Asia African renovated of Minister For Foreign Affairs Republic Of Indonesia initiative of Dr. N. Hassan Wirajuda. Settlement return the Museum executed of same activity of Overseas Department with State Secretariat and Government of Province West Java. Planning and technical execution of him done by Vico Design and of Wika Realty.

Plan Making Of Showroom Remain To "History Struggle of Asia African" and Asian Room Identity National Nations of African (2008).
Overseas Department Republic of Indonesia have in heart to develop Museum Have conference Asia African as same activity symbol two area and making it as study center, archives center, and documentation center. One of the its effort by adding some showroom remain to, what demonstrate a number of object and photo three dimension concerning Strategic Partner Newly Asian of African (New Asian African Strategic Partnership / NAASP) and also various items depicting culture from each state in both area.

Development of this museum is planned form at April 2008, just with Commemoration of Asian three Summit conference year of African.

To support activity of Museum Have conference Asia African, at 1985 Abdullah Kamil (by then Lead Delegation of Embassy Republic of Indonesia in London) initiative making of a library.

This library have a number of book concerning history, social, politics, and Asian Nations culture of African, and other nations; documents concerning Asian Conference of African and its continuation conferences; and also newspaper and magazine stem from contribution / purchasing and donation.

At the same time with will extend of showroom remain to Museum Have conference Asia African at April 2008, library even also will be developed as center library of Asia African which is its workmanship process is started at 2007. This library is expected will become the source of especial information hit two area, which provides various facilities like zone of wifi, café bookshop, digital of library, and visual audio of library.

Like also library, visual audio room made at 1985. Existence of this room also initiative by Abdullah Kamil.

This Room becomes medium for the displaying of films of documenter regarding the condition of world till year 1950, Asian Conference of African and its continuation conferences, and also films regarding the condition of social, political, and cultural of nations in both areas.

Museum Geologi , Museum And Education

Museum Geologi , Museum & Education

Jl. Dipenogoro No. 57
Bandung - 40122
West Java, Indonesia

: +62 22 72032

GPS Coordinate :
Longitude : 6o 54’02.45” S
Latitude : 107o 37’13.17” E

Description :


This Museum is founded on 16 May 1928. This Museum is renovated with relief fund of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). Its Museum Geology situation in Street of Diponegoro, do not far from Building Sate. From here can be obtained various information related to problem of geology. Among objects becoming its collection is first human being skull fossil in world, animal framework fossils - history, meteorite as heavy as 156 sing which fall at 30 March 1884 in Jatipelangon, Madiun. As a historic monument, this museum is considered to be omission of national and under protection of government. This Museum of saving and manage galore geology items, like fossil, rock, mineral, collected during field activity in Indonesia since 1850.

Open every day from at 9.00 at 15.00 Except Day Friday Holiday and national red letter day
Concerning fare, opened by museum is year 1929 by government of Indies This Dutch apply the expense of 2.000 rupiah generically and 1.500 rupiah for Student. If/When coming with entourage, student only hit by 1.000 rupiah MGB open from Monday till Thursday around 09.00-15.00 WIB, while Saturday and Sunday each; every at 09.00-13.00 WIB. Special of and Friday Cover national red letter day. "This Museum of cover because us also require to Take care of objects collect here"

Museum Geology initially functioning as repository and laboratory result of investigation of mining and geology from various last Indonesia regions expand again not only as research medium but function also as education medium, available various information about earth science and tourism object.

Friction of function of museum rhythm with progress of technology is to make geology museum as:
  • External education place of school related to effort and earth of is continuation of him.
  • People place conduct study early before research of field. Where Museum Geology as earth science information center depicting situation of Indonesia earth geology in the form of physic corps.
  • Object of Geo-tourism interesting.
Museum Geology divided to become some room exhibit occupying floor of I and of II.

Floor of I
Divided to become 3 especial rooms: Room orient in middle shares, Room Wing West and Room Wing East.

Room Orientation
Contain map of Indonesia geographic in the form of wide sail relief which display activity of and geology of museum in the form of animation, room service of information of museum and also room service of research and education.

Room Wing West
Known as Room Geology Indonesia, what consist of some room presenting information about:

  • Hypothesis the happening of earth in solar system
  • Regional tectonic stage which forming Indonesia geology; existence in the form of maket model active earth husk plates movement
  • Situation of geology of Sumatera, Jawa, Sulawesi, Maluku and of Nusa South-East and also Irian Jaya
Besides information panels and maket, each room in this room also demonstrate immeasurable of rock type (congregation, sediment, malihan) and mineral resource exist in each; every area. Rock world and mineral occupy room in west side, what demonstrate immeasurable of rock type, its crystallography formation and mineral in the form of original physic and panel. Still in room which is same to be, displayed by activity of research of Indonesia geology of including equipments types / supply of field, mapping medium and research and also activity end result like map (geology, geophysics, volcano, geomorphology, anything and seism tectonic) and publications as medium social of Indonesia geology information and date. Tip of west wing room is volcano room, demonstrating situation some active volcano in Indonesia like: Tangkuban Parahu, Krakatau, Galunggung, Merapi and Batu. Besides this room information panels provided with complex maket of Volcano of Bromo-Kelut-Semeru. Rock example of result of activity of volcano arranged in balance box.

Room Wing East
Room depicting growth history and growth of mortal, from modern primitive till, which inhabit this earth planet is known as life history room.

Picture panels decorating room wall early with information about situation of formed earth around 4, 5 billion last year, where most primitive mortal even also not yet been found. Some billion year after, earth moment have started peace, its environmental support growth some plant type have cell - single, which is existence of record in the form of fossil.
Bony reptile - king sized back which is life master a period to final Middle Mesozoic Till (210-65 million last year) model in the form of fossil replica of Tyrannosaurus Rex Osborn (savage Type Salamander of carnivore) which is tired length 19 m, high 6,5 m and heavy 8 ton. Life early under the sun started by around] 3 billion last year hereinafter expand and have evolution to until now. Evolution mammal footstep which is life at Tertiary Era (6, 5-1, 7 million last year) and Quarter (1, 7 million last year until now) is in Indonesia recorded by either through mammal fossils (elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, hippopotamus) and found hominid at geology some place specially in Java. Corps Fossil human being skull - ancient which found in Indonesia is (Homo erectus P. VIII) and some its other place in world collected in the form of its replica. So also with utilized artifact, which distinguishes growth of culture - ancient from time to time? Prop of sediment stratigrafic of Quarter area of Sangira, Trinil and of Mojokerto (East Java) which is very mean in expressing human being evolution and history - ancient model in the form of and panel of maket. History forming of Lake of Bandung which is legend presented in the form of panel in tip of room. Snake fossil and found fish at geology of ex- Lake of Bandung and also artifact model in the form of its genuine. Gathered Artifact from some place in Lake boundary of Bandung indicate that around 6000 last year the lake have been dwelt by history pre human being. Complete information about pickings and fossil life of past placed at separate room in Room History Life. Sent Information among others is fossilization process, including petroleum and coal, besides situation of environment - ancient.

Floor of II
Divided to become 3 especial rooms: west room, middle room and east room

West room
Wearied by staff of museum

Whereas middle room and east room in floor of II used for demonstration known as geology room for the human life of.

Middle Room
Contain maket mining of biggest gold in the world, which located in Mountain Of Tengan Irian Jaya. Strip mine of Gransberg having reserve around 1.186 billion ton; with copper content 1, 02%, gold 1, 19 gram / silver and ton 3 gram / ton. Alliance some strip mine and active underground mine around him give ore reserve counted 2, 5 billion ton. Ex- Mine of Hertzberg (Mount Ore) in side south-east of Grasberg closed in the year 1988 representing geology website and mine able to be exploited is and also developed to become object of geo - tourism interesting. Some rock example of Irian Jaya (Papua) arranged and exhibited in balance box around maket. Oilrig miniature and earth gas is also model here.

Room East
Divided to become 7 small rooms, which all the him give information about negative and positive aspect of settlement of geology to human life, especially in Indonesia.

  • Room 1 presenting information about benefit and usefulness of stone or mineral to human being, and also panel draw swampy forest of resources mineral in Indonesia.
  • Room 2 presenting record activity of mineral resource exploitation and exploration.
  • Room 3 containing information about usage of mineral in everyday life, either through modern and also traditional.
  • Room 4 making the point processing and management of mineral commodity and of energy.
  • Room 5 explaining information about various geology danger types (negative aspect) like landslide, volcano eruption etcetera.
  • Room 6 presenting information about positive aspect of geology especially relate to volcano symptom.
  • Room 7 explaining about resource irrigate and its exploiting, also environmental influence to continuity of resource.
From :

Museum Barli , Museum And Education

Museum Barli , Museum & Education

Jl. Prof. Ir. Sutami 91
Bandung - 40152
West Java, Indonesia

: +62 22 20118

Description :

Base on the taught of give aware about important art appreciation to the society, according with developing of art which go forward by speed, also prepare place or room for perform the creation of artist so can be enjoyed by public, so established Barli Museum which dedication by : "Tourism Post Minister and Telecommunications (MENPARPOSTEL)” at October 26, 1992. Construction of Barli museum base on Barli Sasmita concept which was hidden since tens years ago, so without limit and his actor to realization his ideal, all family participate in effort to supported for established this museum. Also Charles Ali helps him too, the young architect of Bandung, and so the concept can be realization.

Established of Barli Museum also looked of style of developing fine art as member of ”Kelompok Lima Bandung“. (together with Affandi, Hendra Gunawan, Wahdi Sumanta, and Sudarso) from period to other period, begin at has realism, at the beginning Barli step as painter, impressionism and expressionism.

The museum which has character as appreciation facilities collecting many creation of fine art choosing of esthetic value which proper as historical milestone of Bandung fine art journey.

In their developing, this museum was give many participate also increasing fell love to father land and developing of art culture. Variety of the activities which organize in special room as: exhibition of fine art creation (in room exhibition), selling of exhibit creation, discuss, saresehan about fine art with variety titles are: social, culture, economic, and IPTEK (in discuss room), selling of creation, souvenir, workshop, studio training of painting (training room), published of schedule, and documentation.

The variety of those activities, doing to reach the appreciation level of public to world of Indonesia art, beside to saving and environment of art creation for discover of historical value, also as sign about the existence of Barli in occupy the world of Indonesia art.

For every body that interest to visit this museum can come in Saturday until Thursday on 09.00 – 17.00 WIB. While on Friday and holiday closed.

Brief History about Barli

NOWADAYS, in Bandung there are many buildings of Dutch epoch protected by Cultural Code Pledge, in order not to be destroyed by society. But, if society wish to know what and how Dutch people activity in Town of Bandung at the time, in which museum is we can get date about it all? IN THE FIELD OF fine arts for example, there is many fine arts critic circle saying that growth and growth of modern fine arts is in Indonesia started from Bandung. But its problem later; then, is there any in Bandung a fine arts museum that can explain all completely? Such question very easy answered that in Bandung there is Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, what demonstrate contemporary aspect swan songs of artist of Sunaryo and of Museum Barli which demonstrate painting masterpieces of artist of Barli Sasmitawinata, that all woke up self-support alias from kocek all its actor. And so it is with existence of Gallery AD Pirous which demonstrate artist masterpieces AD Pirous and his wife, Erna Pirous, and also Studio Paint Jeihan which demonstrate masterpieces artist of Jeihan Sukmantoro. Including, August Gallery property of late artist of Sudjana Kerton.

Barli Sasmitawinata

Artistic Maestro Paint of Realistic Indonesia
Barli Sasmitawinata is artistic maestro of paint of realistic. Man which born in Bandung 18 March 1921 that become artist early by request of its in-laws sister, year 1935, Sasmitawinata, so that Barli start to learn to paint in studio property of Jos Pluimentz, an artist of Belgium who live in Bandung.

Last Barli learning many to paint object nature and him is the single indigenous pupil in studio. In studio of Barli learning many to recognize conditions paint.

Barli trained intensively see object because realistic still very popular at the time. Pluimentz of the teacher, even also always say, way of seeing common people and actor have to differ.

Common people unable to see artistic aspect something object as actor. Barli later on day learn to Luigi Nobili, Italian artist. In this studio also Barli start to get acquainted with Affandi, what at that time still make a living by becoming model to Luigi. In studio property of that Luigi Nobilo in secrecy Affandi follow to learn to paint.

With Affandi, Hendra Gunawan, Soedarso, and Wahdi Sumanta, Barli Sasmitawinata form "Group Five Bandung". That Group is formed by early from very admiration from a Barli and third its friend to Affandi. Relation among is fifth of group member is finally formed to become like just you. If painting everywhere always together. Including opportunity of journey of Barli till to Bali.

Barli in year 1948 have founded Art Gallery Aspect Soul of Mukti. Last, go home from Europe, in year 1958 Barli again found studio of Rangga Gempol. Now Barli have Artistic Bale of Barli in Padalarang. Barli mention an aspiration namely wish to have pupil which clever to not even draw but can coexist with is other.

Barli is artist at the same time learn. Have many student which he teach in Technological Institute of Bandung (ITB) and also pupil which he guide in its property art gallery, grow to become self-supporting actor. Some among former that pupil and student sometimes there is disregarding Barli as teacher. But, proud of liver he is, figure a kind of AD Pirous remain to confess Barli as one of the teacher.

Besides AD Pirous, there is also some its pupil which is nowadays recalled as artist which with character, like Huang Fong (late). Or, Chusin Setiadikara which remain to look after its his artistic stock but going through road; street difficult to make him become art which continue can have a meaning of in the middle of chess various style and tendency of new art.

Journey of career paint Barli started by since year 1930-an as famous illustrator in Hall Book, Jakarta. He is also an illustrator for a few rising newspaper in Bandung. The Skill still continues in year 1950-a moment he has exploring world to foreign countries. Namely, when Barli lifted to become illustrator at magazine of De Modern Béchamel in Amsterdam, and magazine of Der Lichtenbogen in Recklinghausen, Germany. Barli is artist example of and teacher getting education well since adolescent age until then he has a time to learn to French and Dutch.

Opportunity of Barli study at the same time act in European continent early in year 1950 time he get bursary of Government of Dutch to learn in Academia Grande Chummier la de, Paris, French. Barli still continue study in Rijksacademie Beeldende Kunsten voor, Amsterdam, Dutch, until year 1956. Because his depicture action is which in such a way length, artistic critic of Jim Supangkat in its book "Continued Dot" placing Barli Sasmitawinata as continued dot two bunch growth of art paint Indonesia: artistic of paint a period of modern paint art and colonial of Indonesia.

Explained by Jim, in one side of Barli can be seen as going on growth of art paint a period of colonial. But on the other side Barli represent the part of growth of modern paint art of Indonesia opposing art paint a period to itself colonial.

Governmental of Visible Indonesia Republic very care of journey of artistic maestro career paint of realistic this Indonesia. Just with its birthday at 18 March 2004 some its paint masterpiece is displayed by in National Gallery, Jakarta. Including displayed a painting which is Barli finish only few days before its anniversary of 83rd, fairish more than two meter multiply two meter. Opening of exhibition done direct by State's Minister Culture and Tourism, I Gede Ardika, taking place since 18 till 31 March 2004.

Even, PT Post Indonesia partakes to show very high appreciation to big actor of birth of that Bandung. Special Post Indonesia publish pictorial stamp of Self portrait painting reproduction, a famous painting which is Barli make in year 1974.

At the same time celebration of anniversary of 83rd that is launched also a composition book of Nakisbandiah, wife both of Barli after first wife pass away 11 July 199, entitling "My life with Barli". Barli the first do (late) Marry Atikah Basari in Fence of Ageung year 1946 at the (time) of still reside in evacuation because war.

That First nuptials bestowed by two so called child people of Grand of Wiwekakaputera and of Nirwati Chandra Dewi. Last Barli return married age moment have 71 year that times; rill with Nakisbandiah which devoted to still consort its life. Result of nuptials of previous Nakisbandiah with D Mawardi (late) bestowed by four people of princes, that is Kartini, Sartika, Mia Meutia (dying year 1977), and Indira. Hence, as a whole family of Barli have 15 grandchild and six people of grandchild.

Barli share contagious big enough of science to its pupils. Don't know in its campus teach ITB Bandung and also in its art gallery. Barli is artist example of and teacher getting education well since adolescent age until then learn art paint to French till Dutch.

In Europe of Barli obtain; get many principles paint anatomy intensively. Lesson of anatomy, for artist very see muscles exist in outside non muscle which in. Have, during two year in Europe of Barli each; every two hour in one day only drawing nude (naked people) just, something that have never been questioned properly or not over there because if for the sake of is academic that thing is assumed by habit.

Barli mention, grad someone from academic draw people ought to surely can because technical domination will stimulate inspiration. His examples experience of moment learns to go up difficult bicycle once just wrong because a few surely fall. But moment has mastered technical cycle someone can continue to pedal at the same time mind can everywhere. Paint even also that way, if have known is technical of him it is therefore minded and feeling of artist which is road; street.

Although artist of Barli realistic confess enough understand abstraction because artistic according to him it is true abstraction. Artistic is value. Each time see masterpiece which is Barli realistic exactly take an interest in its facets of him. Like facets location of composition which is abstraction which cannot be explained by its own artist.

Barli mention also, artist which drawing real realistic is defining meaning. Examples him again, if seeing a grandfather hence he will take an interest in its age, his human. So that surely he will portray him by realistic because age problem cannot be portrayed with abstraction. Depicting grief of human being more able to be portrayed by realistic than abstraction.

Teacher and that Artist Have Gone
Barli Sasmitawinata (86), teacher and artist which play important role in growth of Indonesia fine arts, have gone. This actor dies ill At Home Advent Bandung, Thursday 8 February 2007 around at 16.30.

"Father enters hospital, Thursday around at 08.00, because asphyxia and cough, but its phlegm cannot go out. Transfusion have time to blood, but Mr. later; then die, "wife word of Barli, Nakisbandiah (66), moment contacted from Jakarta, Thursday Evening.

Health of Barli deteriorates last half month. He have time to enter Hospital of Advent Bandung, 8 January 2007, effect of respiration trouble, kidney, and blood sugar go up. After experiencing six times cleans blood, its condition has time to be good and enabled to go home. But, Thursday yesterday, he returns to enter hospital.

Corpse of is interred at home and Barli museum in Road; Street of Sutami 91, Setrasari, Karangsetra, Town of Bandung. Funeral planned by this Friday. Barli leave 2 children contain, 3 stepchild, 15 grandchild, and 9 offspring. After first wife of him, Atikah Basari, dying year 1991, Barli marry again with Nakisbandiyah year 1992.

"Till few days before is bad off, Father remain to paint and teach. Even, moment at home pain, Mr. still have time to make sleep people sketch," child word both of Barli, Chandra Dewi Rahmadi (57). Barli is important buttonhole in history and growth of fine arts in Indonesia. He is known as by teacher with picture science (beautiful drawing), artist of realist which is reliable, and also joins with artist of struggle during independence. Final till its body, he consistent elaborates its choice in the middle of change of epoch.

As teacher, Barli have elementary stock of strong academic picture science. Enunciated it Just, he learn in Academia Grande Chummier la de, Paris, French, year 1950, later; then in Rijksacademie Beeldende Kunsten voor, Amsterdam, Dutch, until year 1956.

Art of Realistic
According to Jim fine arts critic of Supangkat, Barli occupy position in art of realistic as bases growth of fine arts in Indonesia. Barli paint people faces to the manner born are there him. Give image differ in the middle of masterpiece painting artist of Dutch depicting indigenous face badly. That other also with painting of Basuki Abdullah, what ***have come too far unintentionally** deal with more expressing realist painting "jiwa kethok", as voiced by artist of Soedjojono.

“Its masterpiece possible rather less is popular compared to masterpiece artist of Affandi or of Hendra Gunawan. But, role of Barli in the world of fine arts of vital importance. He resides in at 'continued dot' among art paint a period to modern paint art and colonial of Indonesia. If will look for painting base of realistic, yes to Barli," he said.

Enin Supriyanto, observer of fine arts which have learnt to paint at Barli, laying open, Barli comprehend equipments detail and paint media, like pen, inking, water color, crayon, and oil color. His even also master sciences paint academically, for example human being body anatomy, color, line, composition, or perspective.

"Anatomy body problem, Barli even knock by heart until his Latin term," word of Enin.

That Ability tries contagiously of Barli to its pupils with system and discipline. Each; Every pupil asked to recognize appliance character and learn in phases. To Barli, artist has to master science draw truly.

Go home from Europe, year 1958, Barli found Gallery of Rangga Gempol in Dago area, Bandung. Barli have time to teach art paint in Technological Institute of Bandung (ITB) and follow to blaze the way forming of fine arts majors in Vocational Institute and Science Education (IKIP) Bandung-now University Education of Indonesia (UPI).

Afterwards, Barli chose the more teaching pupil informally in gallery. After Gallery of Rangga Gempol year exist 1960 - 1980, he develop; build study at the same time its his in Setrasari, Karangsetra, Bandung, then found Artistic Bale of Barli in New Town, Padalarang, Bandung.

Its Efficacy as teacher can be seen from a number of its pupil which blooming becomes strong artist. Mention among others, Popo Iskandar, Srihadi Soedarsono, Yusuf Affendi, AD Pirous, Anton Huang, R Rudiyat Martadiraja, Chusin Setiadikara, Sam Bimbo, Rudi Pranajaya.

Chusin (58) including one of the success pupil develop picture science base become reckoned in swan song is contemporary artistic map. Its masterpiece has reputation either in international world. Artist who nowadays lives in Kuta, Bali, this has pocketed appreciation of Beijing International Art Biennale year 2005.

Bandung Mamannoor lay open, Barli become aspirator to some artist generation in Bandung. Barli always affirm, paint is life discipline experienced hotly and productive have masterpiece. He is having masterpiece to in many pattern, but its assiduity at pattern of realistic defended to pass tide - withdraw friction of epoch.

Adolescent moment, around in the middle of the year 1930, Barli merge into 'Group Five' with Affandi, Hendra Gunawan, Sudarso, and Wahdi. He has the spirit of high nationalist.

"Moment happened debate of social realism of in the middle of the 1960, Taft Barli stand up alone. He is eyewitness live and reference is necessary for journey of that moment fine arts," he said.
Barli have accepted appreciation of Satyalencana Culture of President in the year 2000. Its departure is big loss to Fatherland fine arts world. Teacher draw in Artistic Bale of Barli, Hendra (32), story, Commendation Barli have time to family to look after that education institute. One day before dying, he has time to continue painting in room; chamber.

from :

Bandung Event Information

Bandung Fiesta 2007

Pameran Produk Unggulan Kota Bandung
1 September 2007 until 30 September 2007 at Lap. Tegallega

time : , 1 September 2007 until 30 September 2007

location : Lap. Tegallega

organized by : KADIN Kota Bandung

contact : KADIN Kota Bandung

Jawa Barat Expo VI Tahun 2007
1 August 2007 until 8 August 2007 at Graha Manggala Siliwangi Jl. Aceh 66

time : , 1 August 2007 until 8 August 2007

location : Graha Manggala Siliwangi Jl. Aceh 66

organized by : PT. Debindomulti Adiswati, Dekranas JABAR

contact : PT. Debindomulti Adiswati, Dekranas JABAR at

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Jl. Mekarwangi No. 14 Soekarno Hatta Bandung Telp. 022-5221148
Jl. Cigending No. 679 A. Ujung Berung Bandung Telp. 022-7800008
Fax. 022- 7803808
Jl. Malabar No. 41 Bandung Telp. 022-3101443 Fax 022-3102077
Komplek Gading Regency Blok A-1 Bandung
Jl. Pelesiran No. 71 Bandung Telp. 022-2302998
Jl. Raya Cinunuk No. 701 Bandung
Jl. Cipaganti No. 147 Bandung Telp. 022-2304327
Jl. Kangkung Kaler No. 17 Bandung Telp. 022 - 3101240, Fax. 022-3104896
Jl. Wayang No. 28 Bandung Telp. 022-3106925, Fax 022-3105797
Jl. Pasirkaliki No. 145 Bandung Telp. 022-6302074
Jl. Balong Gede No. 37 Bandung Telp. 022- 4239134
Jl. Lengkong Tengah I Bandung Telp. 022-4231330
Jl. Babakan Ciparay, Soekarno Hatta Bandung Telp. 022-3102499
Jl. Veteran No. 5 Bandung Telp. 022-4231965
HKTI JABAR Jl. Cikapundung Bandung
Jl. Pelesiran No. 71 Bandung Telp. 022-2302998
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 67 Bandung Telp. 022-4200588
Jl. Suka Maju No. 37 Bandung Telp. 022-2038362
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 207 Bandung Telp. 2500864
Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No. 149 Bandung Telp. 022-4236054
Arthaloka Building Lt. 6 Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.2 Jakarta 10220 Indonesia
Telp. 62-21-2511409 Fax. 62-21 2511405
PAPATRA Jl. Cikapundung Barat No. 1 Bandung Indonesia. Telp./ Fax. 022-4230204
Jl. Srimahi No. 8 Bandung Telp. 022-5202500
Jl. Pahlawan No. 73 Bandung Telp.022-2504910
Jl. Terusan Ciliwung No. 4 Bandung Tlp. 022-7303776
Jl. Supratman No. 67 Bandung Telp. 022-7271437, Fax 022-4232760