Friday, July 20, 2007

Carita Beach

Accessible from Jakarta over a fair road, you can reach it in less than 3 hours, one third of which is over a toll road which is being extended to the extreme western part of Java in Merak. Here again, most visitors arrive from Jakarta as Bandung is more than 6 hours away from Carita by road. At present Carita and surroundings have definitely got more hotels and other accomodation than those found in Pelabuhan Ratu, and is therefore better developed. It is also located on the way to ferry-crossings to Sumatra from Merak.

Besides white beaches behind hundreds of swaying coconut trees, one panoramic highlight is the visibility of the infamous Krakatoa Volcano from Carita, rising above the horizon in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatera. You won't have difficulties finding a place to stay here as many cottages, hotels and camping grounds are all available, not to mention the inevitable seafood.


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Carita View said...

On July 2004, me and my family went to Carita Beach for holiday. We choose Carita Beach because it is a very interesting place and it has beautiful scenery. We’ve never been there before, so it was our first trip to Carita Beach.
The Carita Beach is located in Banten, West Java. It is not very far from Jakarta, so we went there by car. It is a two and a half hours travel from Jakarta to Banten. We finally got there at 11 or 12 p.m., and we decided to have lunch first. We ate lunch at a traditional sundanese restaurant. This restaurant has a unique architecture. We didn’t eat lunch on the table like we used to, but we ate lunch on a bamboo hut called “saung”.