Friday, July 6, 2007

From Jakarta To Bandung By CAR

Bandung is two hours away from Jakarta by car, thanks to the new Cipularang Toll road that completes the inter-city highway between Jakarta and Bandung. It is now faster to travel to Bandung by car than by train from Jakarta.

Transportation companies:

  • Silver Bird Van, (Blue Bird Group), Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya 60, South Jakarta. Tel.: (62)(21) 798 1234. Price: Rp750.000, plus toll fee Rp40.000.
  • 4848. Jl Prapatan 34, Jakarta 10410. Tel.: (62)(21) 381 4488, (62)(21) 386 4848. The service is great, reliable and safe. Price: approx. US$ 25/car (4 persons).
  • X-Trans, Jl. Blora 1 AB, Central Jakarta, Tel.: (62)(21) 315 0555. Price: approx. US$ 55/car (10 persons).

During rainy season, parts of Cipularang Toll road may be closed because of landslides. On weekend, traffic jam occured near the toll gates in Djunjunan / terusan Pasteur area (Bandung).

One alternative route is by the slower, but enjoyable, route from Jakarta - Puncak - Cianjur - Bandung. If you travel by car using this route, then make sure to stop at the Puncak Pass, the tip of the highland just on the outskirts of Jakarta. From here, the view of tea plantation with fresh air can be enjoyed. There are plenty of good restaurants and hotels out there.


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