Friday, July 6, 2007

Mountain Range Around Bandung

The city of Bandung is high on the Parahyangan plateau in the middle of West Java, surrounded by old volcanoes (see the map above). The weather is cool and comfortable, and the scenery is beautiful.

From the map, we can see some of the volcanoes which surround Bandung. They are: Panganten Mt. (on the west side), Burangrang Mt. (on the northwest side), Tangkuban Perahu Mt. (on the north side), Bukit Tunggul Mt. (on the northeast side), Tampomas Mt. (on the east side), Manglayang Mt. (on the east side), Bukit Jarian Mt. (on the east side), Mandalawangi Mt. (on the east side), Guntur Mt. (on the southeast side), Cikuray Mt. (on the southeast side), Papandayan Mt. (on the southeast side), Wayang Mt. (on the south side), Geulis Mt. (on the south side), Malabar Mt. (on the south side), Patuha Mt. (on the southwest side)

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