Thursday, July 26, 2007

Museum Pos Indonesia , Museum And Education

Museum Pos Indonesia , Museum & Education

Jl. Cilaki No. 73
Bandung - 40115
West Java, Indonesia

: +62 22 42061

GPS Coordinate :
6o 54’07.44” S 107o 37’10.82” E

Description :

The existence of museum Pos Indonesia, which located not far from Gedung Sate, not loses from the journey of histories Pos Indonesia enterprise. Present since the east, exact on 1933 namely Museum PTT (pos telegraph and telephone) placed right wings under PTT office. This building established on July 27 1920 with wide of the building 706 meters, designed by Architect Ir. J. Berger and Leutdsgebouwdienst with Italian architecture from renaissance and colleted of stamps from any country.

Because of break out the World War II at final 1941, period of Japanese, and independent revolution, cause Museum PTT not be interest, although the existence nearly forgotten.

For doing their function as a museum, on 1980 management of Housing Post and Gyro formed a unit to rekindle again the existence of Museum PTT. Coincide of the birth day Postal to 38, on September 27, 1983 this museum opening by tourism and telecommunication ministry, Achmad Tahir and namely Museum Pos and Gyro.

As one of unit technique organizer of Housing Post and Gyro, museum Pos and Gyro collected some goods which has histories value in journey of Post Indonesia enterprise since the east, Japanese period, independent period, until now, form of picture, market, painting, catalog, also other post tools.

According with the journey and development of post enterprise, since June 20, 1995 name and status of the enterprise exchange from public enterprise Pos and Gyro exchange became PT. Pos Indonesia (Co-partnership), so name of Museum Pos and Gyro change became Pos Indonesia. Character and their function doing by Museum Pos Indonesia continually, beside as place for collection, also included research facilities, education, documentation, information serve, and as special tourism object.

Museum Indonesia opens for public free every day on 09.00 – 16.00 WIB, except on vacation closed. Before enter the museum, available a sculpture has size a part of human body, which is sculpture of Mr. PTT.RI the late Mr. Soeharto which made on 1983 by famous artist AD.Pirous.

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