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Museum Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi , Museum And Education

Museum Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi , Museum & Education

Jl. Lembong No. 38
Bandung - 40111
West Java, Indonesia

: +62 22 42033

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Is history of museum struggle of Society West Java, especially National Military Indonesia Ground Forces Command Area Military of Siliwangi. In this on file museum various object which is used in struggle of past by young man of West Java opposing assorted of colonization form and other event in maintaining perfection of Republic Of Indonesia. Located in road of Lembang, deal with Hotel of Panghegar and keep handy Office Telephone with major’s city transport of Ledeng-Kebun Kalapa and of Dago-Kebun Kalapa.

Museum Mandala Wangsit of Siliwangi

Museum Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi is weapon museum residing in Bandung, West Java. Name of Siliwangi alone is a Monarchic founder of Pajajaran which its of unlimited him, it is said wise and wise king and also authority in running governance wheel, while meaning Mandala Wangsit is a place to put commendation, advice or message of combatant of past to last router generation of left objects it.

Name of Place Street of museum this, Jl. Lembong, taken away from by the name of Letkol Lembong, one of the soldiers of Siliwangi becoming victim in Event of Fair Coup D'etat Armed Forces Queen. Previously walker that is so called of Oude Hospitaalweg.

History of Museum
Building owning architecture style of late romanticism woke up by year 1910 - 1915 at a period to Dutch colonial as heroic residence of Dutch. After independence taken over by team of Siliwangi and used as by station of Diusisi Siliwangi (Militaries Academia Bandung) in the year 1949 - 1950. This building stand up above land of for the width of 4.176 m2 broadly building 1.674 m2.

On this 23 May 1966 building is opened as Museum Mandala Wangsit of Siliwangi by Commander Division of Siliwangi to 8 Colonel of Ibrahim Adjie.

In The Year 1979 woke up by new building of level 2 which is opened 10 November 1980 by Commander military area of Siliwangi to 15 Major-general Yoga Sugama and his Inscription in signing by President of RI Soeharto.

Museum Collection
Museum Collection is objects used by team Command Area Military of Siliwangi, of primitive weapon like lance, arrow, deer Keris, and bomb of Molotov, up to modern weapon like panther of reel (made in Indonesia), cannon, and vehicle of cuirass.

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