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Museum Geologi , Museum And Education

Museum Geologi , Museum & Education

Jl. Dipenogoro No. 57
Bandung - 40122
West Java, Indonesia

: +62 22 72032

GPS Coordinate :
Longitude : 6o 54’02.45” S
Latitude : 107o 37’13.17” E

Description :


This Museum is founded on 16 May 1928. This Museum is renovated with relief fund of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). Its Museum Geology situation in Street of Diponegoro, do not far from Building Sate. From here can be obtained various information related to problem of geology. Among objects becoming its collection is first human being skull fossil in world, animal framework fossils - history, meteorite as heavy as 156 sing which fall at 30 March 1884 in Jatipelangon, Madiun. As a historic monument, this museum is considered to be omission of national and under protection of government. This Museum of saving and manage galore geology items, like fossil, rock, mineral, collected during field activity in Indonesia since 1850.

Open every day from at 9.00 at 15.00 Except Day Friday Holiday and national red letter day
Concerning fare, opened by museum is year 1929 by government of Indies This Dutch apply the expense of 2.000 rupiah generically and 1.500 rupiah for Student. If/When coming with entourage, student only hit by 1.000 rupiah MGB open from Monday till Thursday around 09.00-15.00 WIB, while Saturday and Sunday each; every at 09.00-13.00 WIB. Special of and Friday Cover national red letter day. "This Museum of cover because us also require to Take care of objects collect here"

Museum Geology initially functioning as repository and laboratory result of investigation of mining and geology from various last Indonesia regions expand again not only as research medium but function also as education medium, available various information about earth science and tourism object.

Friction of function of museum rhythm with progress of technology is to make geology museum as:
  • External education place of school related to effort and earth of is continuation of him.
  • People place conduct study early before research of field. Where Museum Geology as earth science information center depicting situation of Indonesia earth geology in the form of physic corps.
  • Object of Geo-tourism interesting.
Museum Geology divided to become some room exhibit occupying floor of I and of II.

Floor of I
Divided to become 3 especial rooms: Room orient in middle shares, Room Wing West and Room Wing East.

Room Orientation
Contain map of Indonesia geographic in the form of wide sail relief which display activity of and geology of museum in the form of animation, room service of information of museum and also room service of research and education.

Room Wing West
Known as Room Geology Indonesia, what consist of some room presenting information about:

  • Hypothesis the happening of earth in solar system
  • Regional tectonic stage which forming Indonesia geology; existence in the form of maket model active earth husk plates movement
  • Situation of geology of Sumatera, Jawa, Sulawesi, Maluku and of Nusa South-East and also Irian Jaya
Besides information panels and maket, each room in this room also demonstrate immeasurable of rock type (congregation, sediment, malihan) and mineral resource exist in each; every area. Rock world and mineral occupy room in west side, what demonstrate immeasurable of rock type, its crystallography formation and mineral in the form of original physic and panel. Still in room which is same to be, displayed by activity of research of Indonesia geology of including equipments types / supply of field, mapping medium and research and also activity end result like map (geology, geophysics, volcano, geomorphology, anything and seism tectonic) and publications as medium social of Indonesia geology information and date. Tip of west wing room is volcano room, demonstrating situation some active volcano in Indonesia like: Tangkuban Parahu, Krakatau, Galunggung, Merapi and Batu. Besides this room information panels provided with complex maket of Volcano of Bromo-Kelut-Semeru. Rock example of result of activity of volcano arranged in balance box.

Room Wing East
Room depicting growth history and growth of mortal, from modern primitive till, which inhabit this earth planet is known as life history room.

Picture panels decorating room wall early with information about situation of formed earth around 4, 5 billion last year, where most primitive mortal even also not yet been found. Some billion year after, earth moment have started peace, its environmental support growth some plant type have cell - single, which is existence of record in the form of fossil.
Bony reptile - king sized back which is life master a period to final Middle Mesozoic Till (210-65 million last year) model in the form of fossil replica of Tyrannosaurus Rex Osborn (savage Type Salamander of carnivore) which is tired length 19 m, high 6,5 m and heavy 8 ton. Life early under the sun started by around] 3 billion last year hereinafter expand and have evolution to until now. Evolution mammal footstep which is life at Tertiary Era (6, 5-1, 7 million last year) and Quarter (1, 7 million last year until now) is in Indonesia recorded by either through mammal fossils (elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, hippopotamus) and found hominid at geology some place specially in Java. Corps Fossil human being skull - ancient which found in Indonesia is (Homo erectus P. VIII) and some its other place in world collected in the form of its replica. So also with utilized artifact, which distinguishes growth of culture - ancient from time to time? Prop of sediment stratigrafic of Quarter area of Sangira, Trinil and of Mojokerto (East Java) which is very mean in expressing human being evolution and history - ancient model in the form of and panel of maket. History forming of Lake of Bandung which is legend presented in the form of panel in tip of room. Snake fossil and found fish at geology of ex- Lake of Bandung and also artifact model in the form of its genuine. Gathered Artifact from some place in Lake boundary of Bandung indicate that around 6000 last year the lake have been dwelt by history pre human being. Complete information about pickings and fossil life of past placed at separate room in Room History Life. Sent Information among others is fossilization process, including petroleum and coal, besides situation of environment - ancient.

Floor of II
Divided to become 3 especial rooms: west room, middle room and east room

West room
Wearied by staff of museum

Whereas middle room and east room in floor of II used for demonstration known as geology room for the human life of.

Middle Room
Contain maket mining of biggest gold in the world, which located in Mountain Of Tengan Irian Jaya. Strip mine of Gransberg having reserve around 1.186 billion ton; with copper content 1, 02%, gold 1, 19 gram / silver and ton 3 gram / ton. Alliance some strip mine and active underground mine around him give ore reserve counted 2, 5 billion ton. Ex- Mine of Hertzberg (Mount Ore) in side south-east of Grasberg closed in the year 1988 representing geology website and mine able to be exploited is and also developed to become object of geo - tourism interesting. Some rock example of Irian Jaya (Papua) arranged and exhibited in balance box around maket. Oilrig miniature and earth gas is also model here.

Room East
Divided to become 7 small rooms, which all the him give information about negative and positive aspect of settlement of geology to human life, especially in Indonesia.

  • Room 1 presenting information about benefit and usefulness of stone or mineral to human being, and also panel draw swampy forest of resources mineral in Indonesia.
  • Room 2 presenting record activity of mineral resource exploitation and exploration.
  • Room 3 containing information about usage of mineral in everyday life, either through modern and also traditional.
  • Room 4 making the point processing and management of mineral commodity and of energy.
  • Room 5 explaining information about various geology danger types (negative aspect) like landslide, volcano eruption etcetera.
  • Room 6 presenting information about positive aspect of geology especially relate to volcano symptom.
  • Room 7 explaining about resource irrigate and its exploiting, also environmental influence to continuity of resource.
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